Tyres 'extremely important' when it comes to staying safe

Thursday, 27 December 2012

"They are all that connects you to the road and they are extremely important."

What is expert Chris Wakley describing? As riddles go, it's a fairly easy one for most car insurance holders to crack. And when we tell you that his area of expertise is tyre safety, it becomes even less tricky.

"Tyres are probably the most neglected safety component on the car and yet they are probably fundamentally the most important because it is just those four patches of rubber [that connect car to road]," he said in a recent interview.

It comes as the crucial nature of using good tyres during winter has been hammered home by Micheldever Tyres spokesperson Alan Baldwin. As Mr Baldwin suggested, the summer has past and the weather is, unfortunately, worsening in many respects. As such tyres and car safety see bigger challenges, the expert explained.

He reminded drivers that winter tyres are available: "when it comes to snow and ice they will deliver an unbelievable advantage in performance over the summer tyre," he said.

He also said that people's following of tyre-related legislation within the UK had been getting worse recently.

"Today, virtually every car on the road will have some form of tyre defect and there are many tyres out there with tyres worn below the legal tread limit," he warned.

"As weather conditions get worse with wet leaves, cold conditions, ice, snow, rain and dark nights, shorter stopping conditions are really required. For a tyre or vehicle to stop at a short distance, it really needs to have the best possible tread."

He told drivers that their primary consideration should be for using tyres with good tread.

It comes as the Met Office revealed that it has brought out an app for use on smartphones running the Windows Phone 8 operating system, which can tell users how likely snow and other weather conditions are. As the organisation's Derrick Ryall noted, this follows on from versions for the Android and iOS operating systems.

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