Top 6 Uninsurable (fictional) Homeowners

Monday, 04 August 2014

Comedy capers are all well and good on the silver screen, but when reality bites, we're confident these characters would find themselves in a pretty sticky situation. Here are six (fictional) homeowners we think fall neatly into the category of "home insurance nightmare".

1. Carl Fredricksen, Up

Aside from the somewhat precarious new location of Carl Fredricksen's house atop a cliff near Paradise Falls, there's the matter of the extensive damages caused by packing up and flying off to a new spot every time he gets bored.

2. The McCallisters, Home Alone

You may be allowed to defend yourself against intruders in America, but it's probably not advisable to do so by pouring glue on your stairs and superheating doorknobs (it's not good for the lock). Plus, any parents with a memory as bad these guys are sure to leave the front door unlocked and oven on whenever they leave the house.

3. Bruce Wayne, Batman

If Batman ever decided to claim for the extensive damages that frequently befall Wayne Manor, he'd have a hard job explaining the enormous subterranean cave network beneath his stately home - not to mention all the dangerous explosive devices they're filled with.

4. Shaun, Shaun of the Dead

What's that? You keep a flesh eating zombie in your shed? Unfortunately, hazardous zombies aren't covered under your typical contents insurance policy, Shaun...

5. The Howard Family, Teen Wolf

For generation after generation the Howard family home has been plagued by broken windows, destroyed clothing and all sorts of unexplained damages. But in reality, we doubt their insurer would cover monthly werewolf attacks.

6. Professor Digory Kirke, The Chronicles of Narnia

Having an entire mythical realm in your wardrobe poses a serious insurance dilemma. Even the most brilliant minds would struggle to assess the value of this magical piece of furniture - and that's without considering the damage that a talking lion could do.

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