Travel insurance: Uninsured backpackers 'are putting their parents' home at risk'

Monday, 29 September 2008

Young people who go backpacking without adequate travel insurance do not always appreciate how much of a risk they are taking, has said.

Founder Tom Griffiths said someone who heads overseas without the necessary cover could find themselves facing a bill of between £30,000 and £50,000 if they were to have a serious accident.

He pointed out only cash can help when you are stuck in a foreign hospital in need of emergency medical treatment.

Mr Griffiths stated that with a bill of tens of thousands of pounds the majority of people without travel insurance would probably be looking at re-mortgaging their home or using their life savings.

At some point a parent will end up losing their house because their child has gone travelling without adequate protection, he warned.

"People would never let their kids get in a car without [motor] insurance but they're letting them leave the country [without travel insurance] which is ridiculous," Mr Griffiths concluded.

Research by YouGov has shown eight million holidaymakers have had personal property stolen while on holiday in the past five years.

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