Unusual Home Insurance Claims From Around the World

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The world is full of great mysteries, but none quite as puzzling as the thought processes behind some of these home insurance claims from around the world. Take a look at some of the more unusual claims below.

1. “I tripped”

The first tall tale on our list comes from the USA, where a comedy of errors saw one man handed a five-year jail term. When asked to explain to his insurers how his house burned to the ground, he described how his frying pan caught fire whilst he was cooking.

The fire then allegedly spread to a nearby bucket of coal, which he proceeded to throw out of the door, straight into his convertible car. He then tripped whilst holding another flaming bucket, thereby spreading the fire around his home even further. This turned out to be a trip too far for local police, who promptly arrested the man on suspicion of fraud.

2. “My dog did it”

Another unfortunate homeowner was forced to make a claim for his contents, after his artistic pooch managed to get its paws on an open pot of paint. A few tail wags later and his entire living room was covered in paint, leaving nothing unscathed by the dog’s creative touch.

3. “It was the floor’s fault”

Whilst breaking in her new bowling ball in the front room, this homeowner lost her grip, sending it plummeting through the floor. Rather than chalking this up to a stroke of bad luck, she decided to lodge a home insurance claim, after complaining that her hardwood floor wasn’t hard enough. Needless to say, her claim was eventually struck out.

4. “I’m covered!”

This final claim gives the word “unbelievable” a whole new meaning. A lawyer from North Carolina was enterprising enough to claim that his expensive collection of cigars had been lost in “a series of small fires”. He forgot to mention that he started these fires himself whilst smoking the cigars - a short trial later and the man was sent to prison for two years.

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