Use the right tyres this winter

Sunday, 14 August 2011

With cold winter weather being forecast for the end of 2011, Brits are being told it is imperative to pick the right tyres for when the roads turn icy.

According to a YouGov poll, many car insurance customers could not make it into work during last year's snowfall and around 60 per cent of UK businesses saw their trading suffer because of this.

The report also highlighted that almost three-quarters of British drivers were affected by the winter weather and over a quarter could not make it into the office. noted that fitting winter wheels on vehicles can significantly improve car insurance owners' road safety to make them grip the icy roads more effectively.

Recently, the Department for Transport told UK drivers that making sure tyres are at the right pressure can help to reduce fuel bills.

Norman Baker, transport minister, added: "Applying the simple smarter driving techniques could make a real difference to fuel costs."

Posted by Rick Malone

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