'Use solar technology on roofs' says green specialist

Thursday, 05 April 2012

A green specialist has called for solar technology to make an appearance on the roofs of new property, to produce the electricity needed by homeowners and create a positive environmental impact.

When possible, "Solar tiles should be used on roofs as standard," Julia Goodfellow-Smith has said.

"This would generate electricity for those houses, as well as bringing down the cost of solar tiles for everyone else," the Sustainablelivingexpert.co.uk director added.

Asked if such moves would have a green impact, she said they could, if home insurance holders and others stuck to them.

"Millions of households using less energy and water, and walking and cycling to local services will make a difference," she said.

When houses are constructed, they should not usually be as big as they are currently, Mrs Goodfellow-Smith also suggested.

Home dwellers should not always need to be trading up from apartments to sizeable houses, rather, it would be better for "people to continue to live in high density areas as their needs change", she suggested.

This might be more possible if blocks of flats featured rooms for those who did not live in them and the flats themselves had more room for possessions, she advised. 

She also recommended the building of devices to store rain water.

Posted by Noel Martin.

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