Car insurance: Volvo and Citroen take prizes

Monday, 25 June 2007

Volvo and Citroen security systems were given security awards at the British Insurance Car Security Awards (BICSA) for innovations that could save motorists from having to make theft claims on their car insurance.

Both Volvo's Personal Car Communicator (PCC) and the Citroen security system were given the BICSA award for innovation.

The PCC system allows motorists to detect whether or not there is a potential carjacker waiting for them in their car. The vehicle is equipped with a heart rate sensor which can pick up the presence of criminals, who, faced with immobilisers, are increasingly waiting for car owners to return to their car.

Owners receive the information on a key fob which also stores the information such as whether the car was locked when the driver walked out of range.

While this system means that motorists can call the police upon detecting the intruder, protecting their car and saving themselves from claiming for theft on their car insurance, Citroen was honoured for a system that makes retrieval of stolen vehicles easier.

The system which involves covert and overt marking allows police officers to recognise and identify vehicles without having to consult any third parties.

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