Would you give diners food that isn't in-date?

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Would you give diners food that wasn't in-date if they came to eat at your house?

Home insurance holders may be ashamed to say yes – but in fact some one in two of the British folk who Beko home appliances surveyed would consider giving diners grub past its best before date.

Meanwhile, participants reported keeping the likes of milk, fish and cheese after they had gone out of date. A third of the sample had fridges containing grub that wasn't in-date, in fact.

But in excess of one in two thought eggs should be refrigerated, even though these items don’t need to be. Other items in this position include bananas, jam, potatoes and onions.

"It is surprising to learn that so many of us are running on empty where our food is concerned," said Beko Plc's Teresa Arbuckle.

"Almost a third of people say their fridge usually contains the bare minimum to get them through the week."

Recent Modern Family research suggests that, on average, families shell out £81.92 weekly for food.

Posted by Noel Martin.

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