Car insurance: Yellow danger in Salford

Wednesday, 04 October 2006

An unfortunate driver returned to his parked car in Salford to discover that workmen had painted a single yellow line underneath it.

Nasser Khan's car had been issued with a ticket despite it initially being parked in a legitimate parking area. Yellow lines were subsequently added to the road and CCTV captured men crouching under Mr Khan's car to paint in the gap and reportedly burning his tyres with the work.

He said: "I thought I was lucky to get the space but I didn't think I would get a ticket because it was a legitimate parking area. I took the car to a garage and I was told the tyres were unroadworthy. I could have had a blow-out at any time."

The incident was watched by workers in nearby buildings who kindly recorded the incident on their mobile phones in order that Mr Khan might prove his innocence.

Mr Khan has since had his parking ticket revoked by Salford City Council, but no tyre replacement has been offered despite Mr Khan's claims that its workmen were responsible.

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