Car insurance: Auto buyers 'need to think about cost of cover'

Thursday, 03 September 2009

Auto buyers should think about the price of motor insurance before making a final decision on which model to opt for, it has been claimed.

British Car Auctions stated with the cost of fuel rising, drivers need to consider other areas where they can make savings.

It made this comment in light of a survey that found motorists were not taking into account all the outgoings associated with keeping an auto on the road when purchasing a new or used model.

Spokesman Tim Naylor said: "Rather worryingly, only 12 per cent appear to be influenced by the insurance group - yet this could be a major cost associated with the vehicle."

However, a third of respondents did say they would be looking for a motor that offers better fuel consumption when the time comes to trade in their current auto.

Meanwhile, drivers planning on buying a new vehicle in the coming months may benefit from getting some car insurance quotes online first, so they can work out overall running costs before signing on the dotted line.

Written by Claire Carter

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