Car insurance: Bad drivers posted on website

Tuesday, 01 July 2008

In news that could impact on car insurance premiums, over 150 drivers in the Wilshire area have had their number plates placed on a website after instances of poor driving.

They have been posted onto, which was started in an effort to enable locals to stamp out law breakers, reports This is

Andrew McGavin, founder of the site, asserted that the county's roads are very "dangerous", despite efforts by the authorities to improve them.

"It's now the norm to see dangerous driving on every journey you make," he commented.

He added that police are not catching enough rogue drivers in the region and this trend needs to stop if the nature of the roads is to improve.

And once the site becomes more popular in terms of the volume of number plates being posted on it, Mr McGavin noted, then it will become a better deterrent against illegal driving.

The Road Safety Foundation recently said that the A537 is officially the most dangerous road in the UK due to the number of accidents seen there.

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