Best New Car Tech in 2013

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Finding a clever new gadget for your car is always a bit of a coup, but sometimes the top manufacturers beat you to it, integrating smart technology into the car itself. With that in mind, here's a look at some of the top innovations we can expect to see on the roads in 2013 - and although some of these nifty features are exclusive to US brands, hopefully it won't be long before they arrive in the UK.

Magic Vision (Mercedes-Benz)

Windscreen wipers don’t usually get the blood pumping, but Mercedes-Benz has an uncanny ability to make even the most mundane part of a car exciting, and the new “Magic Vision” system is no exception. Hidden jet pumps are built into the wipers, giving the impression of a waterless clean for even the filthiest windscreen, without any of the annoying splash. Magic!

CUE (Cadillac)

The intriguingly named CUE system - short for the slightly less interesting “Cadillac User Experience” - is the future of the built-in car entertainment system. Billed as the “iPhone” of the car world, this clever gadget gives drivers complete control over their in-car environment, and includes some pretty exciting features, including gesture recognition; touch screen and a built-in 3G connection.

Uconnect (Dodge)

For the drivers asking themselves “Just how can I get WiFi up to 150 feet away from my car?”, the creative team at Dodge have provided an answer. Their new Dodge Dart with Uconnect does just that, allowing users to remain connected throughout their journey, with 24/7 access to Google Maps.

EyeSight (Subaru)

Cool gadgets are one thing, but the power of technology has also created something of a revolution in car safety. Subaru have made the most of this with their new EyeSight technology - front facing 3D cameras act as a second pair of eyes, providing audible and visual warnings of any upcoming danger. A great feature for drivers looking to maintain the no claims bonus on their car insurance!

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