Travel insurance: British bosses cling on to Blackberrys

Friday, 01 September 2006

Two-thirds of UK bosses take their work on holiday with the aid of a Blackberry or other electronic gadgetry.

Almost half of top business men check their email while away with the family and almost 90 per cent of executives are happier working away from the office or at home.

The research was conducted by the Aziz corporation, a leading communications consultancy group, which found most businesses are happy with such technological developments.

"Our research reveals that British bosses want to be contactable during their annual leave," said chairman Professor Khalid Aziz.

"For the majority, the odd phone call interruption or taking the time to have a quick look at emails is hugely preferable to arriving back from holiday to a full inbox and a mountain of information to catch up on."

Blackberries are wireless gadgets that combine email, text messaging, phone calls, internet and software, meaning you can always be in virtual contact with the office.

The rise of such modern gadgets has also heralded a new demand for travel insurance packages which cover a range of items, just as insurers have also sought to provide coverage for the emergence of the iPod generation.

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