Travel insurance: Other Brits annoy travellers abroad

Monday, 24 July 2006

Summer holidays can often be disappointing because of unexpected events and even fellow British tourists, according to a new survey.

Research from a leading insurance provider concluded that many holidaymakers are often disappointed by their two weeks in the sun. A total of 80 per cent of British tourists revealed that they had at least one "disaster" during their vacation.

Over half suffered flight delays or cancellations, whilst 39 per cent feel victim to sunburn and 39 per cent admitted they were annoyed by other British holidaymakers.

However, purchasing travel insurance could help to ensure that some disasters including stolen luggage or emergency medical treatment don't result in a totally ruined holiday.

Although travel insurance won't help travellers with irritants like other British holidaymakers, it can help with the bigger disasters like cancelled flights, getting ill or lost luggage.

And Britons heading overseas can save even more money by taking out annual travel insurance deals to cover multiple trips rather than pay out each time for individual holiday cover.

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