Embarrassing Abodes: Most Brits Ashamed of Their Home Décor

Wednesday, 06 November 2013

Britain is a nation of property show addicts, but it seems that a love of Sarah Beeny and Phil Spencer hasn’t quite translated into the country’s DIY habits. According to a study by Dulux, most Brits are ashamed of their homes - and it's not down to clutter or untidiness, but poor decoration.

The biggest culprit is old stained carpets, which make 34% of people reluctant to invite friends and colleagues over. Other embarrassing features include faded paintwork (28%), cracked ceilings (27%), peeling wallpaper (23%) and poorly thought out colour schemes (18%).

Alarmingly, nearly half of those surveyed admitted that they have a room in their home that they avoid because they are so humiliated by it. Even more surprisingly, a fifth of people have two or more rooms that go unused. The Birmingham Mail estimates that this results in a wasted property value of £48,483 per home.

Dulux ambassador Jo Hamilton spoke to Female First, lamenting: “It's a shame that so much living space is left unused, when it's so easily rectified, without having to spend a fortune."

If you’re embarrassed by a certain room in your home, here are a few simple tips to help you spruce it up:

Start with the basics - Adding a fresh coat of paint isn't very expensive, and can be done relatively quickly. Before painting, make sure you've gone over walls with sandpaper and sugar soap to ensure the paint adheres to the surface properly. Painting walls white to give yourself a blank canvas is also a good idea, before deciding on a colour scheme.

Tackle carpet stains - Old stains can be particularly tricky to get out, and harsh cleaning chemicals containing bleach can sometimes cause damage to your carpet fabric. One natural remedy you can try is to mix equal parts vinegar and water, then apply to the stain. A mixture of lemon juice and salt is also recommended for lighter carpets. Scrub the stain and allow it to sit for 15 minutes, before dabbing off the stain-removing mixture with a towel.

Fix those cracks - Small cracks are normal and don’t take long to fix with a dab of Polyfilla. If the cracks are structural, however, they may require a specialist to fix.

De-clutter - Getting rid of excess clutter can instantly brighten a room. Why not give any unwanted items to charity, or even host a boot sale? Sometimes, it's best to be ruthless - if something has been gathering dust for several years, you probably won't miss it.

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