Motor insurance: Car vandals on damage spree

Tuesday, 04 September 2007

Vandals in West Bromwich have caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to vehicles on a crime spree in the area.

Somewhere in the region of 20 cars suffered damage including smashed windows in the early hours of the morning after what is believed to be alcohol-fuelled vandalism, the Express and Star reports

Car owners who have faced such damage may find they need to make a motor insurance claim in order to get a courtesy car and their own vehicle back on the road.

Detective Inspector Danny Long of West Bromwich Police commented: "They have then gone about a spree, if you like, of mindless, yobbish behaviour, smashing car windows, kicking wing mirrors off, walking over vehicles and causing damage to properties."

The Metropolitan Police recently urged drivers to cover up their satnav devices when leaving a vehicle - another crime that could result in a motor insurance claim.

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