Celebs Sketch their Houses to Raise Money for Homeless Charity

Friday, 11 July 2014

There’s no place like home, even if you’re a multi-millionaire celebrity. The Welsh charity Llamau obviously knows this. Over the past two and a half years, they’ve been enlisting the help of famous singers, comedians, and sportsmen to raise money for the homeless. The campaign involved asking famous people to sketch pictures of their own properties, and it was a resounding success.

The charity left paper and pens in the dressing rooms of Cardiff concerts to encourage participation in the Illustrating Homelessness campaign. It paid off, as 70 famous faces took the time to sit down and sketch their homes. Plenty of big names got involved, including John Bishop, Susan Boyle, and Sam Warburton.

Hugh Russell, who organised the campaign, quipped that "many of them did leave us sketches - although some are obviously better comedians than artists!" We wonder if he’s talking about Jack Whitehall, who submitted a careful sketch of his London town house, or Bill Bailey, who submitted whimsical sketch of his two-storey house featuring a palm tree lined roof garden.
Musician Billy Bragg joined in by contributing a sketch of his famous mansion, perched above Dorset’s Jurassic Coast. The sketch included a boat sailing by, as well as a sky full of clouds: typical British weather. Susan Boyle also added a doodle of her beloved home in Blackburn; the ex-council house which she was reluctant to leave after hitting the big time. Elvis Costello’s drawing was the most thought provoking in the series. Captioned with “home is anywhere you hang your head...” the drawing included a depressed looking character sobbing in a room with one window.

The campaign culminated in a fundraising auction at the Cardiff Hilton Hotel which raised £1,000 for the charity. The most expensive sketch was drawn by The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers, and raised £205. Brandon had one of the happiest looking houses, with a doorway that looks like a big grin and a chimney perched like a jaunty hat on the roof of the Las Vegas property.

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