Car insurance: Congestion charge to be reviewed

Tuesday, 04 August 2009

Cost-conscious drivers in London who chose their current auto because it qualifies for cheap car insurance and offers excellent fuel economy may agree the way exemptions to the congestion charge are calculated is unfair.

According to Volvo, the system favours hybrid vehicles over other low-emitting models.

It explained drivers of the former cars can travel through the city free of charge, while owners of autos with traditional engines are forced to pay £8 a day - even if their motor releases less CO2.

The manufacturer has challenged the current rules and, as a result, exemptions to the fee are to be reviewed.

Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, explained the initial regulations were put in place to encourage more people to drive green cars.

However, he acknowledged technology had moved on and a vehicle no longer has to be a hybrid to be environmentally-friendly.

Meanwhile, drivers looking to cut costs may find securing the cheapest online car insurance can make a significant difference to their overall outgoings.

Written by Rick Malone

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