Travel insurance: 'Croatia is very popular'

Tuesday, 05 February 2008

Many people are travelling to Croatia on holiday, according to the Croatian National Tourist Office.

A number of tour operators offer journeys to the country, a spokesman at the organisation noted, while there were 275,000 tourists from Britain in Croatia in 2007.

Various regions of the country are highly popular, he noted, such as Dubrovnik and the islands, of which there are over 1,000.

The market is also flexible, he stated, with versatility of the operators being paramount.

"Of the 150 tour operators who do Croatia, some of them do package holidays, some of them do special interest holidays - very popular ones are sailing holidays … it's very versatile in Croatia," he commented.

A high number of airlines also offer tours to the area from Britain, he said, such as Thomas Cook, Holiday Options and Thomson.

In total, 65 of the area's islands are populated and can be reached with relative ease from the mainland, he remarked.

Nearly 11 million people visited the country between January and November last year, the tourist board in the country has said.

People taking a journey to the country may wish to consider a viable travel insurance plan.

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