Car insurance: Driver jailed for moving speed sign

Tuesday, 04 July 2006

A driver who tried to con a court to let him off a speeding fine by moving a 40mph sign into a 30mph zone has been jailed.

John Hopwood from Stockport must now spend his weekends behind bars after he moved a sign ten miles down the road to get himself out of two speeding tickets he collected in two days.

Mr Hopwood was fined £2,763 in legal costs and ordered to report to a custody centre at weekends.

He was caught doing 48mph in a 40mph zone and then 41mph in a 30mph zone – but decided to try and fool the police by moving a sign and taking photographs of it in its new position.

But prosecutors saw through his trick and he was caught out by a facial mapping expert who studied the marks on the signs.

The judge said this was a "stupid act", reports the BBC.

"You refused to accept your crime when questioned by police, even when expert evidence was put to you at two interviews," he said.

Mr Hopwood faces even more costs when he looks to update his car insurance, as criminal convictions for speeding can up premiums.

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