British Drivers' Least Popular Smells: Revealed

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The results of a recent poll have shown that the smell of wet dog is the most off-putting to British drivers. According to a survey by Halfords, six in 10 motorists said the scent of a damp canine was the odour that bothered them the most.

A further one in 8 drivers said the smell of a dirty nappy was the worst possible scent to travel with, while one in 12 reported checking their children's shoes before they were allowed in the car in order to rule out the possibility they had trodden in something nasty.

The results also showed that food smells were off-putting to drivers, with the smell of dried spilt milk cited as one of the worst in-car scents by over half the poll's respondents. More than a third of drivers said food left between the seats bothered them, while another third said rotting fruit, in particular bananas, was the worst smell of them all.

When it comes to passengers, over a quarter of drivers said they didn't like having a smoker in the car, but the top spot went to people who had smelly feet, with 29% of drivers saying they were their least favourite type of passenger.

Halfords spokeswoman Maria Dufficey said: “Women are more sensitive to in-car smells with almost a third using air fresheners or sprays in the car. Their choices are also more driven by fashion and new designs... men base their choice on colour and the name of a fragrance – choosing those that match the car they are driving and sound suitably masculine.”

She added: “The popularity of having nice aromas in our homes has spilled over into our cars, where drivers also spend a large proportion of their time. People like a nice fragrant travelling environment and modern air fresheners are very efficient at dealing with those unpleasant odours that can become quite nauseating, particularly on a long journey."

Aside from investing in an air-freshener before embarking on a long journey in the car, it's wise to make sure that you've got enough fuel for the journey, and that your engine oil and water levels are topped up. Here at Swiftcover, we also offer several levels of Breakdown Recovery service as an optional car insurance extra for added peace of mind.

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