Car insurance: Medication warning for sneezy drivers

Monday, 10 July 2006

Drivers battling through the summer sneezing season should take extra care on the road – especially if taking medication for hay fever, say experts.

Some over-the-counter remedies for hay fever and other allergies common over the summer can produce unexpected results, such as drowsiness or slow reactions, making drivers a danger on the roads.

Although many new cars now come with built-in pollen filters, most cars still have no protection for allergy sufferers, meaning a sudden burst of sneezing or bleary eyes can momentarily incapacitate a driver.

Research shows that, if driving at 70mph on a motorway, a hay fever sufferer who sneezes eight or nine times in succession could lose control of their car for around half a mile.

But mediation for hay fever and other allergies can also prove problematic, with some causing drowsiness or other adverse side-effects.

Drivers who are involved in even minor accidents as a result of their sneeze-impaired driving could be forced to claim on their car insurance, adding another headache to their day as they lose their no-claims bonus or find their car insurance premium increased.

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