Travel insurance: Driving abroad 'needs preparation'

Tuesday, 04 July 2006

As flights get cheaper and the sun gets hotter, many Britons are flocking abroad in cheap independent holidays.

But experts are warning of the dangers of trying to drive abroad in hired cars without preparing yourself, as millions of Britons often do.

As many as one in seven Brits fail to take out adequate travel insurance for their trip overseas, from the 53 million trips abroad made each year.

Travel insurance is essential for anyone heading abroad – but even more so for those looking to hire a car and drive on the other side of the road in unfamiliar conditions.

Experts say the best approach to driving in a foreign country is "when in Rome, do as the Romans do", as each foreign country is entirely different when on the road.

And regulations are different too as some countries, such as Japan, require travellers to have an International Driving Permit to back up their own driving licence.

But preparation is the key, with adequate breakdown cover, travel insurance and all documentation essential.

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