Travel insurance: Eastern Europe 'is a good option'

Tuesday, 01 April 2008

Travellers can get good, cheap deals when they travel to Eastern Europe, according to an official at Fregata Travel.

Manager Tim Campbell noted that the area is attractive because prices are fairly low in comparison to other popular areas such as Barcelona, Rome and Venice.

Inexpensive rates can be attached to elements of a holiday such as accommodation, eateries and fees for attractions, Mr Campbell remarked.

"The whole lot is going to cost you a bit less than it would for more traditional Western European destinations," he commented.

Moreover, travellers enjoy the "novelty" aspect that these eastern cities afford, he stated, as they offer something different than more mainstream destinations.

Recently, the Post office claimed that eastern locations may grow in popularity in the aftermath of the credit crunch as cheaper deals are sought by consumers.

Hitwise has also reported that traffic on Polish websites has increased in recent times.

Tourists should ensure that they have adequate travel insurance before embarking on journeys abroad.
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