Flying Cars: An Imminent Reality?

Monday, 11 February 2013

Those who have dreamed of a Jetsons lifestyle can breathe a sigh of relief this week, after what can only be described as an 'ambitious' inventor has managed to convince a California tech company to invest a staggering $80million into his SkyCar project, with the aim of making flying cars a reality within the next few years.

Replacing the plane

Dr Paul Moller of Moller International not only wants to produce a futuristic (and admittedly stylish) flying car for the masses by 2014, but to also have these vehicles replace commercial air travel in the not too distant future. The good doctor also plans to make them as affordable as possible - although the price of rocket fuel may deter many UK motorists on a budget.

What does this mean for car insurance of the future?

The advent of flying cars would have a revolutionary effect on the motoring industry at large, but how would trading up to a futuristic flying machine affect your car insurance premiums?

On the plus side, the inclusion of a military style “Vertical Take Off & Landing” (VTOL) system would make parking scrapes a thing of the past, and an auto-pilot feature would take away many of the common human errors that can put your prized no claims discount at risk.

Whilst there are some definite positives from a car insurance point of view, there's also the question of safety. With a top speed of 300mph, minor dents turn into major repairs, making this type of vehicle unlikely to receive a cheap car insurance quote. There's also the issue of modifications - adding a jet engine and wings to your car is a pretty drastic step!

Too soon?

We may be getting slightly ahead of ourselves - the project is set to cost in excess of $400million, with test productions not kicking off until late 2014. Production for the consumer market will take a few more years after that, so it seems there's still some time to wait yet before the skies become the new super-highways.

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