Motor insurance: Gold jewellery a turn off to 2nd hand buyers

Monday, 02 July 2007

Male car owners can cut costs with cheap car insurance once they buy a car but simply shaving could increase how much they get for their car when they sell it on, according to one auction site.

A survey conducted by eBay revealed that certain features will turn off buyers, knocking valuable pounds of the second hand car's price.

The least desirable feature in a seller was discovered to be a moustache, with 92 per cent of people reporting that it was off-putting.

Nearly two thirds of potential buyers said if the seller was wearing gold jewellery they would be deterred from buying a car and 54 per cent said visible tattoos would put them off.

On the other hand, certain phrases could help convince a buyer about the car.

Potential buyers look out for phrases such as "non-smoking owner, no pets", "used as a second car", and "one lady owner".

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