Car insurance: Brits 'would pay' 1.83 a litre for petrol

Thursday, 08 June 2006

Motorists in the UK are stubbornly sticking by their cars and refuse to give them up in the wake of high petrol costs.

A new report by a UK car insurance firm has found that the average Briton would have to see the price of petrol hit a massive £1.83 per litre before they would consider using other forms of transport.

And one in three drivers admit they simply do not care how much they pay for fuel, as they cannot be bothered to find the cheapest petrol prices in their area, despite potentially being able to save hundreds of pounds each year.

As well as making sure they know where the cheapest petrol is, drivers can also save money by shopping around for their car insurance.

Drivers who look for a quick car insurance quote online or ring around for the cheapest car insurance deals are much more likely to be able to save money on their car insurance – and perhaps have enough over to pay that little bit more for their petrol in the future.

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