Motor insurance: 2.5m have 'invalidated policy by lying'

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Around 2.5 million motorists could be driving on Britain's roads with invalid car insurance because they have lied to their provider, according to one website.

The study has revealed that six per cent of motorists have no insurance at all and are breaking the law but in effect the ten per cent of motorists who have lied in their applications might find they are not covered.

Telling lies could mean that when cover is most needed, motor insurance policy holders will not be entitled to it, which could mean they have to fork out themselves.

Despite 75 per cent of motor insurance applicants being aware that misrepresenting the facts could invalidate their policy, one in ten lie.

More than 750,000 hide convictions such as speeding, drink driving and bans.

Over 1.5 million lie about basic details such as age and address in the hope of getting cheaper insurance by, for example, registering at an address in a safer area.

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