Car insurance: Men are better at driving, say women

Friday, 09 June 2006

Men, unsurprisingly, believe they are better at driving than women, but ladies appear to agree with them, according to new research.

A survey carried out by Car Shop Megastore has found that some 88 per cent of men believe they are better drivers than women, although almost half of the women surveyed thought the same.

And while almost all of the men questioned admitted that the male was the more aggressive driver of the two, some 94 per cent of women also agreed with them.

But while men continued to proclaim their superiority on the road, with most proclaiming to be the better parker, only 34 per cent of women disagreed.

"What makes the research interesting is the fact that women see men as the better drivers," Jonathan Dunkley, operations director at The Car Shop told ITV Motoring.

"I would have expected men to declare themselves as the better sex behind the wheel and women to have put up more of a fight."

But women have easily won the battle when it comes to statistics and car insurance costs, as women are much less likely to crash and therefore have vastly reduced car insurance premiums.

Women will often find that a quick car insurance quote online for budget car insurance will find them a lot better off than their male counterparts.

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