Motor insurance: Beware Friday the 13th

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

It is always important to have adequate motor insurance, but on Friday the 13th drivers really need to make sure they are covered.

Research by a bank has shown that more claims are made on the unlucky days than on any other days.

Over the five years that the study covers there have been six Friday the 13ths and the number of claims made on these days has, coincidentally, been 13 per cent higher.

It is not the number that brings the accidents, as other 13th days tended to have lower accident reports, but when combined with the final day of the working week, the infamous date that gave rise to a series of horror films seems to live up to its billing.

The first of the month tends to have the highest value of claims reported which is an indicator of more severe accidents.

With claims figures eight per cent below an average day, the 26th is the safest day of the month.

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