Car insurance: Motorists warned over poor diets

Tuesday, 05 September 2006

Motorists are often making poor eating choices which may increase their risk of being involved in an accident.

Recent research revealed that many drivers, especially those using motorways, rely on food purchased at service stations. Such on-the-go snacks or fast food meals means that motorists tend to feel lethargic and unable to ensure 100 per cent concentration whilst driving.

It is thought there could be a link between such poor eating habits and the number of accidents each year on the UK motorway network. More than one in ten drivers admitted to feeling lethargic after eating at service stations, whilst one in five buy 'treats for travelling' that affect concentration.

Sian Porter, registered dietician and consultant nutritionist who carried out the research, explained: "Food we eat has to be suited to activities we engage in. Few people would eat a heavy meal before exercise and this same common sense must apply to driving."

Taking a few extra minutes to make healthily choices at service stations could lead to lower car insurance costs in the long-run through the development of a better no-claims history.

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