Motor insurance: Motorists opt out of courses

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Less than half of the motorists caught by speed cameras in Lancashire in 2006-07 took up the chance to attend a course on road safety, it has been revealed.

In the time period stated, 53,278 people were caught breaking the law, but just 19,396 actually completed an awareness course offered to them, reports the Lancashire Evening Post.

Those who did not go on the course opted to pay a £60 fine and gained three points on their licence.

Project manager at the Lancashire Road Safety Partnership John Davies noted that it is up to each person how they choose to take the punishment.

"The feedback is excellent from the courses and it does have an effect on people's driving behaviour," he told the publication.

A spokeswoman at the Road Safety group run by Lancashire county council claimed that some people could be dissuaded from attending a course because they do not like the "unknown".

In related news, a release from Northumbria Road Safety Initiative has said that road deaths have been cut in the area following the introduction of speed cameras.

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