Poor Weather Predicted to Continue After St. Jude

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Fortunately, the St. Jude storm, so named because it hit the UK on the 28th of October (St. Jude's Day), failed to reach the kind of wide-scale destruction of the Great Storm of 1987.

However, the gale-force gusts that battered southern Britain grounded flights, felled trees and left thousands without power: causing serious damage to homes and property.

Although St. Jude itself has now moved across Northern Europe, Brits are advised that dangerous weather conditions could continue until December.

According to The Daily Express, Exacta weather are predicting "further gusts and severe gales in excess of 70-80mph" from the start of November, while Vantage Weather Services warn that high winds could continue until the end of the month, bringing with them plummeting temperatures and even snow.

Bearing in mind the upcoming adverse weather conditions, take extra care of your car this winter. If possible, try to park it in a garage or other sheltered space to avoid the risk of damage from debris blown about by strong winds. It's also wise to avoid making any unnecessary trips in poor weather.

Here at Swiftcover, our buildings insurance cover can also protect your home from damage caused by storms, as well as other hazards like fire and flood.

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