Car insurance: 'Row' over Preston cameras

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Councillors and road safety officials in Preston are at odds over the location of new speed cameras there, it has been revealed.

While safety campaigners want the devices to be placed at spots where accidents have occurred in the past, councillors are focusing more upon new areas of concern, reports the Lancashire Evening Post.

An incident took place at Sharoe Green Lane earlier this year, something that has led councillor Stuart Greenhalgh to demand a camera at the site.

But he was told by Lancashire county council that it does not meet the "criteria" and that money is being used at other sites.

Councillor Jonathan Saksena stated that the rules should be changed so that more can be done in the effort to improve road safety.

"There seems to be this golden rule - we have to have an accident before something happens. I personally think we have to think outside the box. I hope we can override these red tape problems," he told the publication.

Norfolk could be about to benefit from the adoption of more speed cameras after government regulations were changed that stated they could only be put on busy roads.

Drivers involved in accidents may find that their car insurance premiums are impacted upon.

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