Travel and Car News September 2011

  • Bank holiday car insurance warning 01 September 2011 Motorists are being urged to ensure that the stress of bank holiday driving does not result in a claim on their car insurance.
  • Check home insurance when improving 01 September 2011 More people may be checking their home insurance policies to see if new conservatories, extensions and conversions are covered.
  • FCO: Rugby fans must check travel insurance 01 September 2011 Brits travelling to watch the Rugby World Cup must check they are covered while abroad.
  • Boost for riot home insurance claimants 01 September 2011 Anyone who has suffered the misfortune of having to claim on their home insurance following the riots in England may be able to get some relief from council tax.
  • Fines hit car insurance customers 02 September 2011 Car insurance policyholders are being hit with five times as many parking fines as they were a decade ago.
  • Brits name Jaguar XF Car of the Decade 02 September 2011 The vehicle scored highly in various areas of customer satisfaction.
  • Texting and talking whilst driving 03 September 2011 Motorists who want to get the cheapest car insurance quotes need to make sure they do not follow the example of a driver who was recently banned after using two mobiles at the wheel.
  • Slow zone motor insurance 03 September 2011 Motor insurance customers have urged for a higher number of 20 mile per hour zones in areas where children might be playing nearby.
  • Motor insurance gaff for police 03 September 2011 Prime Minister David Cameron's official limo driver will be hoping that he has appropriate motor insurance in place after the £200,000 vehicle collided against a kerb in Salford.
  • Online car insurance quotes 04 September 2011 A new survey has found that motorists believe the internet offers better value when they buy a new car in the same way that it does for electronic goods and car insurance quotes.


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