Shelling-out to create a homely space

Thursday, 15 November 2012

It's always exciting to find yourself living in a new house, but it seems that that excitement doesn't tend to result in swift unpacking!

More than half a year goes by, on average, before new owners have unpacked everything they brought with them when they arrived at a property.

That's according to Planitherm glass research, which also found that, between moving in and creating a 'home' from their property an average British owner shells out in excess of £5,000.

Approaching 50 per cent of participants felt like new houses became homes when the signs that someone else has lived there before are eradicated.

An average span of around 17 and a half months was required before properties had become homely for the people taking part in the study. 

Ways of creating a homely space that home insurance holders might like to try include giving everything a clean and creating a comfy and warm environment.

These are all things that were highlighted by the Planitherm glass research.

"There are many aspects that go into creating a real home and we all have a seemingly never-ending to do list for things we hope to improve," said Planitherm glass market manager Craig Dodsworth, no doubt picking up on feelings many home insurance holders have experienced.

"But it seems as well as improving the environments we live in we have to experience certain moments or aspects of life under a roof in order to call it a home."

"We’re very territorial and it’s no surprise to see that we like to feel a place is really ours by quickly getting rid of the previous owner’s influence on the property."

He also said that: "It seems that making renovations to a house has a big part to play in making it feel more like a home."

Anyone wanting to undertake renovations without help, and who hasn't done this sort of thing before, should remember to do tasks that they are comfortable with, though.

"People should have a go at doing what they feel comfortable doing," Build It + Home Improvement magazine editor Anna-Marie DeSouza has explained.

"If you're quite a skilled DIYer, have a go at hanging that door. If you're not, maybe start off with something small and build up your repertoire that way," she told people.

Posted by Noel Martin. 

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