Travel insurance: Uni graduates urged to prepare for gap years

Friday, 30 June 2006

University is over for many young people across the country and the big wide world is finally open to them – but many choosing to head around the world on a gap year are forgetting to organise their finances first.

As many wide-eyed young graduates flit off to the far corners of the globe in search of more alcohol, longer lie-ins and the odd bit of spiritual enlightenment, the need to budget properly and make sure their finances are in order before they go is not top of their list.

But sorting out cheap travel insurance and saving money throughout their trip can make a huge difference on how the gap year turns out.

By shopping around on the internet and getting the best deals on their travel insurance, obtaining a quick insurance quote online, travellers can save enough for an extra few nights in a hostel, a special day trip somewhere or even part of a flight to the next destination.

Other money-saving ideas include working while abroad and saving money as you go, using interest free overdrafts and making the most of credit and debit cards.

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