Unbelievable Car Insurance Claims From Around The World

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

We’ve been doing some reading to compare some of the out of the ordinary car insurance claims from around the world. Luckily for us, the author of 'Am I Covered? You’re Covered', Harriet Prentice, has done most of the hard work, so here are some of best (and most dubious) claims from policyholders worldwide.


There are plenty of ludicrous claims to choose from in the UK, but perhaps none more amusing than a tale involving elephants. One unlucky policyholder was forced to claim on his insurance after an inquisitive circus elephant spotted his packed lunch through the window of his van - the animal promptly smashed the van’s windscreen, stole the sandwich and quickly rejoined the passing parade.

Believability Rating: 4/10


Combine hay fever with runaway dentures and you have a pretty spectacular car insurance claim. Over in the US, one unlucky driver removed his dentures to enjoy a sandwich (how he chewed it we don’t know), before violently sneezing and throwing them out onto the road - so far so unbelievable. Another car then proceeded to run over the intrepid dentures, puncturing his tyres and, in all likelihood, costing the hungry driver his no claims bonus.

Believability Rating: 2/10

Also in the US, a case of mistaken identity made one driver glad she’d taken out fully comprehensive cover. After seeing a pair of legs sticking out from underneath her car, the owner, assuming they belonged to her husband, proceeded to make conversation and rub them. The legs turned out to be those of an innocent mechanic, who knocked himself unconscious after sitting up in shock. Awkward!

Believability Rating: 8/10


One final claim comes from north of the border, where man’s best friend ruined man’s favourite toy. After deciding to take his dog for a walk, one man was forced to watch in horror as the pup jumped into his car and knocked off his handbrake, letting the car roll down a steep hill into two parked cars. No animals were hurt in the making of this claim.

Believability Rating: 5/10

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