Unusual causes of car insurance claims

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

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A number of unusual ways that motorists have damaged their cars and prompted car insurance claims have been revealed by windscreen repair and replacement company Autoglass.

In one example, a Susan Boyle CD was used by one driver to clear ice from his vehicle, but unfortunately ended up with a cracked windscreen.

The company also revealed how another motorist parked his car in front of a golf course's tee, which unsurprisingly ended in disaster, while another individual called about a cracked window on his vehicle before realising it was someone else's car and that he was actually parked elsewhere.

Autoglass boss Matthew Mycock said: "Our technicians are always ready to deal with the unexpected but even they are sometimes surprised by the calls they receive."

However, not all incidents are down to the drivers, as one unlucky motorist encountered a nasty shock when a mallard nose-dived through the windscreen.

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