Car insurance: Women drivers left to change tyres on their own

Friday, 14 July 2006

Female motorists could once rest safe in the knowledge that a friendly, chivalrous man would always stop to help them should they need to change their car tyre – but this is no longer the case according to a recent survey.

Although over half of the male motorists polled by Continental Tyres claimed they would stop to help a stranded female motorist to change her tyre, in reality just 15 per cent actually did.

The experiment saw a young woman in her mid-20s asking for help at the side of the road in several locations across the UK, with researchers recording all the details of those who stopped, from their age to the colour of their cars.

Results revealed that, despite chivalrous intentions, many men failed to stop and help because they claimed they did not wish to cause offence by assuming the women needed help.

Men also admitted they feared it might be a set-up.

Both male and female drivers can break down at the side of the road, although many are lucky enough to be covered by breakdown policies which are often included in car insurance deals, meaning they would not need to stop someone for help.

Car insurance deals on the internet regularly offer extras such as breakdown cover for people looking for a quick insurance quote online.

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