Motor insurance: Young 'should drive old cars'

Tuesday, 03 July 2007

Young drivers looking to cut down on car insurance premiums should choose their car carefully, claimed an industry spokesman.

New motorists are more prone to have accidents and to claim so they tend to have higher insurance premiums, but according to the British Insurance Broker's Association (Biba), the costs can be controlled to some extend by driving a smaller car.

Fast, sporty models might seem like exactly what a young driver wants, but small, old and cheap vehicles will cause less damage to others, causing lower insurance pay outs.

Graeme Trudgill, technical services manager at Biba said "If you buy something that’s grouped a level higher it’s going to be expensive on insurance and cost a lot of money."

He added: "It's also very tempting for young drivers to modify their vehicle, put on alloy wheels and things like that, that is a bit of an insurance nightmare and will raise their premium again so best to leave the car as bare as possible."

He added that holding a clean licence for a year will also substantially reduce motorists' car insurance premiums.

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